Kind Words


"Kathy is the most

... intuitive, genuine therapist, she really finds what clicks and helps me release it. I hear her voice guide me through challenges and I truly know hypnosis works thanks to her!" 

-Chrissy Rothschild Roberts

"I use to grind my teeth bad, i was afraid I was going to crack a tooth. On my 3rd visit with Kathy, it was gone. Completely gone. I still had soreness for about a week after that, but the intense pain was gone and I could open my mouth much further than I had been able to before."  -Kim Dixon  

"I wish I had done it sooner!

I  haven't had a cigarette in 2 months, I never thought I could make it 2 hours.  Kathy is awesome."                 

-J. Blevins


You're a huge contributor to my success and have been a wonderful mentor! Thank you for everything, Kathy!"

-Kaleena Casey

"Kathy Pickel, you're amazing

"...I'm a better person thanks to you." 

-Lisa Cooper

"Exceeded Expectations!

Kathy delivered more than promised." -Joy Williams

More Kind Words


"I had a fantastic experience

"...with Kathy, I would advise anyone who's been dragging around a bad habit to stop what you're doing and go see her. I believe she genuinely cares and she's good at it!"  -Brian W.

"I've never written a review of anyone or anything before

"she's good, go." - G. Scott

Thank you, thank you, thank you....

"I hadn't had a good night sleep in over a year.  thank yoooou! zzzzzz"

"After my first session with Kathy,

I KNEW I had to go back! I connected with such deeply rooted emotions and feelings that were burried under many many layers of protection and her ability to reach in and pull those out were just stunning! It unlocked a lot of my perceptions and relationship i have with fear, uncertainty, anxiety and other self limiting beliefs. I never in a million year would have imagined hypno therapy but I'm glad I tried and looking forward to future sessions! " -Mahsa

"Thanks Kathy

It's been 3 months without an episode, 3 months! Can you believe it?! You're going to be busy!" -Joanne J