Performance = Potential - Interference


Eliminate Interference

Muhammad Ali said, "It isn't the mountain ahead to climb that wears you out, it's the pebble in your shoe." 

When interference is eliminated, you will be much more highly focused.  You'll be much more focused on exactly what you're doing at that moment and you'll go for it in a way that you never have before.  Eliminating interference frees you up to see who you really are, what skills you really have.  



When you first lay eyes on your opponent, you're sizing up his confidence. That's when the match really starts. Who's got it? Who's got the confidence? Who believes he can win? That's really where it all starts, with the confidence.  

I'm talking about the real stuff, not the phony bravado that falls apart under pressure, the real stuff that carries you through to victory.  Belief lies under confidence, I'll help you install it. 


Stop Hesitation

Hesitation can kill you in many sports. Basketball players hesitate and get a shot blocked, quarterbacks hesitate and get intercepted. An equestrian hesitates and well...we know what happens. 

Eliminate hesitation and clear new heights.  Free yourself of fear and feel like you're in control.  Get into flow state and it will never cross your mind to hesitate. 

"90% of the game is half mental" -Yogi Berra


Training and Performing

Training to compete and competing are two very different activities.  When you're competing you're performing the best you can on that day. Training is training. Training is preparation.  The mind set for these two activities is different.  Let's make sure you're approaching them in a way that will get you to your peak performance. 

Eliminate Fear

Mia Hamm talks about the fear of failure pushing her on in practice, but in performance, fear can wipe you out. Fear is managed, all athletes have it, and it can be a very powerful tool to use in training. But, when you're performing fear is no where around. Fear drops you off at the competition and then goes home and watches it on tv. 

Flow State

This is the good stuff, this is finding the sweet spot of performance. This is one of the parts of athletic competition that you'll take with you into other areas of your life.  Getting into flow state is like finding your groove. When you're young you find it by accident, when you're a seasoned competitor you find it quickly and intentionally, giving in to it, and utilizing all your energy to magnify it. Make sense? If not, it needs to. It will once we train your mind to allow your body to perform at it's peak. 

Do you know what a fighter's mind is?

It doesn't matter what your sport is. 

Once we figure out why you're standing on the edge of the mat, once we figure out why you're competing, you'll fight every moment and not give up until you win. It will become impossible for you to fail because you'll never quit. Your thoughts, your words, your actions will all become congruent. You'll have the heart of a champion and the mind of a fighter, you'll be on the offensive.  "Toughness is in the soul and spirit, not in muscles."  Alex Karras  

Increase Your Focus

You know what it means, you understand the words, but do you know how to increase your focus?  I'll put your hand on the knob, so you can crank it up.  The light in a laser beam is not more than the light in a standard bulb, it's just focused. That's what you're going to need to know how to do to reach your peak performance, intently focus.

Don't forget it's play, that's how you perform at your best.

Serious competition is still play. You're serious when you train, but when you compete, you're playing. Don't forget that. Watch Michael Jordan laughing on the court. His focus is intent, but he's playing his sport.  You work when you train, you play when you compete. When you compete you get to see what you've learned, you get to see how far you can push it, how far you can take it, you get to see how far you've come. You're intent, you're focused, you're playing. 

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