Rates and Sessions



Most clients will average between 3-8 sessions.  Programs over 3 sessions receive a reduced rate. See below for specific programs. If you have questions, call Kathy at 678-882-4743 and we can talk about what would work for you. 

Hypnotherapy is designed to help you move forward quickly, it's a short-form therapy.  You don't go to a hypnotherapist week after week for months on end.  Becoming self-sufficient, always moving forward is the goal, and we achieve that quickly. 

Insurance Information

Many FSA (Flexible Spending Account) and HSA (Health Savings Account) programs will allow you to use funds for hypnotherapy services. Though some exceptions exist, most insurance providers do not cover hypnotherapy services. If you're not sure, it's best to call your health insurance provider.  

Smoking Cessation, Phobias, Insomnia, Bruxism,

Smoking Cessation is a 3 Session program, Stop smoking now. If I can do it, you can too. I was a smoker for many, many years. I can help you quit. 

Phobias, Insomnia, Bruxism, these are all usually 3-6 sessions. 


 In general, my rate is  $130/hour, but the rate varies with the client, the issue, how many sessions will be needed and ability to pay. I have a sliding scale. 

Medical Hypnosis


Many peer reviewed, scientific studies have now been done proving the effectiveness of hypnosis on many medical conditions. If you suffer from Fibromyalgia (like my mother does), Chronic Pain, Migraines, or IBS, hypnosis might be the relief you've been looking for.  I recommend 6 to 8 sessions for dealing with Chronic Pain, Firbromyalgia or IBS and 3 to 6 sessions for dealing with Migraines.

Fertility Hypnosis


Fertility Hypnosis has been shown to increase pregnancy rates by 50% over the control group. Don't wait. People always come to me as the last resort, the research has been done, don't wait, it's all up to you and you can do it. I recommend 10 sessions, 8 of them for the mother-to-be and 2 for the father-to-be. When you're ready call me, 678-882-4743

Sports Hypnosis


Peak Performance Training

Develop a Mental Edge and start running with the big dogs  4 sessions and you will see a big change in your performance, 8 sessions and you'll see a profound change. Each program is individually tailored for your athlete. Increase confidence, stamina, focus. Eliminate blocks, fear, hesitation and get into Flow State.  Learn to train like a professional, learn to compete at your peak, being a winner starts in your mind. Let's get started. (I love, love, love doing Peak Performance work. I was a basketball player and 2 of my sons are also basketball players C'MON!)

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